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Crafting Happiness Since 2000

Jewelry has a way of telling a story and being passed down generations. It is part of your legacy, and we craft jewelry that will tell your story throughout the years.

A desire to capture these stories, along with a fascination with diamonds and gemstones is what motivated Jivan Yeramian, founder of Jewelry Design House and Jivan Collection, to enter the world of custom jewelry-making.

Whether it be for an engagement, wedding, anniversary, graduation, or another special event, helping his clients design their jewelry as part of their life story is led by the belief that it’s not about finding that perfect piece, but creating it.

Meet the Expert

Jivan’s own story stems from a long family tradition of craftsmanship and art. As an avid artist and designer already during his early years, he knew his calling was in the wonderful world of jewelry.


After finishing school in 2000, he moved from his native Syria to France to take up an apprenticeship with his uncle, a master diamond setter. Soon after, he had the opportunity to work in Greece for the world-renowned Diamond Club, whose jewelry is considered as some of the most exquisite around the world.

Over the past two decades, Jivan’s hunger for in-depth knowledge led him to become an Accredited Jewelry Professional, and he further received a Diamond Graduate Diploma from the Gemological Institute of America, recognized as the world’s #1 authority in gemology. Jivan continued to refine his craft, providing professional diamond-setting services to some of the most reputable jewelry companies throughout Europe, the Middle East, and Canada.

Jivan Yeramian - the founder of Jewelry Design House
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Skills and Expertise

Jivan’s skills and expertise made him his friends’ “go-to guy” for expert jewelry advice, and it was in helping others and crafting joy that his passion for his work grew. And so with Custom Jewelry Design, he began writing a new chapter in his tale, to design and craft your engagement rings, wedding bands, and special pieces.

At Jewelry Design House, it is our mission to guide you through your jewelry shopping experience, making it convenient, personalized, and fun. Most importantly, we want to share our expertise and make sure you have a beautiful piece that is expertly crafted with quality.


“Finding the right jewelry expert is infinitely more important than finding the right jewelry piece.”

— Jivan, Founder of Jewelry Design House