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Design Your Custom Jewelry

Jewelry has a way of telling a story and being passed down generations. It is part of your legacy, and we craft jewelry that will tell your story throughout the years. You are one step away from creating your custom engagement ring, wedding band, or other fine jewelry.

Describe your dream jewelry piece and we will use your ideas to bring your exclusive design concept to life.


The expert advice we share is grounded in years of experience as both a designer and diamond-setter and backed with certification from the Gemological Institute of America.

Bring Your Vision To Life

To bring your vision to life, we combine your ideas and specifications with our professional jewelry design skills throughout the phases of design sketching, 3D rendering, and 3D prototype printing.


We consult with you during each of these phases so that you have the opportunity to be intimately involved in the entire creation process. This makes for a truly unparalleled and memorable experience, making your fine jewelry much more special.


Once the final model is approved, we set out to craft your custom ring. Every diamond and gemstone is set in-house by Jivan, with 20 years of diamond-setting experience. Every piece is guaranteed set for life. We create heirloom-quality jewels, as jewelry has a way of telling your story and being part of your legacy.

Custom Design | Jewelry Design House
Custom Design | Jewelry Design House

Lifetime Care & Maintenance

It is important to us that your custom jewelry creations will have you and your loved ones smiling for years to come. That is why we offer lifetime care and maintenance on all of our pieces.


This includes regular professional cleaning and polishing as well as checking for loose stones and making repairs as necessary.


Along with care and maintenance, we also offer jewelry modification services such as custom laser engraving, ring resizing, and upgrades.


Whatever your fine jewelry needs may be throughout your life, we are here to care for you and to celebrate your most precious moments with you.

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